Juggling many balls is the mantra here.

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It’s official, people. Last week I got emails from a science magazine and a mental health publication. My pitches to both publications were considered by the editors.

I am now working with them to polish my pieces. It’s a lot of work. They are brutal and very demanding, but I…

You will thank yourself later.


Let me get straight to the point.

No boring introduction here, as we know that saving money is undeniably important to each one of us.

1. Clear your browser’s cookies.

One of the easiest but often overlooked ways to spend less by seeing less tempting ads online, is to delete those cookies from your browsing…

If you answer this riddle, you think like a psychopath. The following excerpt is taken from James Patterson’s crime thriller “Mary, Mary.”

A woman met a man at her mother’s funeral and instantly fell in love with him. But she forgot to take his contact details. She was both sad…

A sure-shot tip to be happier. Below is an excerpt from one of David Baldacci’s books, “First Family,” a crime thriller.

You might have a really good reason to hate somebody, but you’ve still got to let that hate go. Because if you don’t, it will just tear your whole…

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