Having A Sex Robot That Looks Like Your Dead Partner Will Be Possible Soon

For some, it may sound creepy, and for others, an opportunity.


Luxbotics is the company that’s doing this feat.

Using groundbreaking new 3D scans, the company is able to produce ultra-realistic humanoids that have built-in speech control and facial recognition functions.

The company has already created its flagship robot model, called Stephanie, which has basic AI capabilities.

Stephanie is primarily an adult sexual companion, and you can take her home for around $6000. This price is for the basic model, and one can request more advanced models with human-like functions and expressions, obviously for a higher price.

Stephanie could be modified to look like someone’s loved one. This is done by using several pictures of the individual and sophisticated fine resolution scans. A 3D model is printed out. Then a mold is created from the 3D model, and finally, a robotic skeleton is inserted inside.

Trained artists convert the model to look like a real person by making fine alterations to the face, painting the nails and lips, and so on.

The price for custom-made 3D robots is as sophisticated as the robot itself. It’s likely to cost around $3,500 to $7,500 for one scan and about $2,500 for the 3D printing.

Sex robots will be mainstream in less than 5 years. They can also be for “nonsex” purposes, such as having a conversation and companionship. The picture below is that of a Japanese-made robot called Geminoid F. She can talk and sing. She wasn’t introduced as a sex robot, but her killer looks and finish have already turned the heads of many manufacturers across the humanoid robot industry.


When they said machines would take over the world, I never thought about the above machines. I like writing about current and future trends in human behavioral sociology and find this particular development both fascinating and worrying — human-machine lovemaking.

Having grown up watching Terminator movies and other sci-fi movies, I assumed robots were only meant to kill humans in the future. Then, as a teenager, I stumbled upon sex robots and how they could help lonely and creepy men satisfy their abnormal fetishes. Now as an adult, looking at the growing sex robot industry, I’ve made peace with the fact that one need not be creepy to make love to machines. It’s just the way humans are evolving. For good or bad, who knows?

Robots have a wide array of other applications besides being killer bots and sexbots.


  • Welcoming robot
  • Event Host
  • Concierge
  • Waiters
  • Information Desk
  • Front Desk
  • Receptionists
  • Show Girls/Boys
  • Promo Models
  • Mannequin Robot
  • Security Robot


  • Nanny Robot for Child
  • Elderly Companion
  • Adult Companion
  • Home Assistant
  • Home Security Robot

Health and Education

  • Speech Tutor for Children
  • Spelling & Speech Tutor
  • Singing Lessons
  • School Tutors
  • Health Care Robots
  • Elderly Home Companion

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The Soulful Scribbler

Top writer, reader, scientist, teacher, into self-improvement, spiritual, over-thinker, and peace lover. https://medium.com/@infinite.oneness85/membership

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