This Is For All The Anti-Vaxxers And The Non-Believers

A logical explanation of why you are wrong.

The Soulful Scribbler
4 min readNov 28, 2021
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Those who still don’t trust their government and resist getting vaccinated, please think about this fact.

Why would the government and drug companies make all this effort and spend so much on the booster dose (third shot) if they have already done all the “bad” to their citizens according to what the anti-vaxxers falsely believe?

Whether it’s making you impotent, implanting a nano-chip inside you, or whatever else you think it is.

There’s absolutely no need for the drug companies to do this. Well, it could very well be that they are trying to mint profits by exploiting the current vulnerable situation across the world. That could be it. Nothing more. Maybe it’s just business.

However, I don’t think it’s just about money and business, being a researcher myself.

Omicron- the new covid variant is deadly.

There’s a reason why people are rushing to get their booster shots.

Omicron, which originated in South Africa, could potentially kill thousands more before long if it spreads.

The protection efficiency of the two doses of covid vaccines that we already have on our immune systems tends to wear off, even for healthy people, in about six months from the day we got our shot.

We were not expecting any more deadly variants and were quite confident of eradicating COVID-19 for good. But we were wrong. We have not done it yet.


In the above image, you can see that both the spike protein and the receptor-binding domain have additional new mutations. This is what makes it a variant of the mother virus.

Our immune system may be able to fight off the primary type of Covid virus as a result of the two shots most of us got.

Our immune system has cells called antibodies that help us fight off viruses and bacteria. Currently, our body has antibodies to fight off the initial Covid virus, not Omicron- the newest type.

The Omicron has undergone changes and can either evade our bodies’ fighting cells or cause total devastation to a person before sufficient antibodies are produced. Many things in combination can happen in the body that may not favor us.

Those with a weak immune system due to old age, an underlying disease, or both, are again at risk of getting the virus. It’s precisely those people who will also be hospitalized with severe symptoms.

This new type would have been born by killing a person before spreading from him or her to another person. In other words, Omicron could be a vaccine-resistant type and may need an entirely new vaccine or a booster dose that would just amplify the immune system, randomly, to fight it off. Nobody knows yet.

Just remember that the booster dose was made before Omicron was discovered. So, it’s not specifically targeted against Omicron. The booster dose is just going to randomly amplify our immune system’s fighter cells, hoping it will help us. There’s no guarantee that the booster will save us.

So, it’s better to get the booster shot and stay safe.

Anti-vaxxers, please wake up from your adamant sleep and save yourself and your kith and kin. Good luck.

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