Are Female Pedophiles Hiding In Plain Sight?

Have we been overlooking this forever?

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I’ve had this thought for a long time. I work as a teacher of English at a primary school in Poland. In Poland, there are considerably more female teachers than male teachers. And this fact could be true across the globe as well.

Female teachers have all the liberty to touch, hug, and kiss both boys and girls, and no one bats an eye. Some also make them sit on their laps and behave almost like the kids’ mother or a close family member.

Men, on the other hand, would never consider doing such things. Men are usually less physically attached to kids than women, especially when it comes to girl kids. Yeah, it’s understandable and evolutionarily logical to think that mothers are always physically very close to their babies. It’s a lovely and sacred bond. Everyone knows about it.

At primary schools, men stop at the level of giving high-fives or handshakes to both boys and girls. It stops there. They are extremely conscious of all the repercussions, even if they don’t have any evil intentions whatsoever. Whereas, women are considered motherly and allowed to get intimate with kids of both sexes.

Recently, though, the number of reported cases of female sex offenders has increased severalfold. The pieces below show that the sexual abuse of kids and adolescents by women gets largely unnoticed due to the nature of the abuse and the reasons for it, which is why there have always been fewer reported cases. Thanks to social media, more and more victims and their parents are now coming forward to shine light on one of the most overlooked criminal offences in the world — female pedophilia.

The above articles state the common reasons for female pedophilia. The reasons for the sexual abuse of kids by women are quite different from those of men. There’s less violence and trauma when the abuse is done by a woman. A big majority of abuses happen in the context of a teacher-lover relationship, where the female teacher abuses an adolescent boy at school. Many pedophilic women may have experienced sexual abuse as kids or have been brought up by toxic parents, leading them to exploit kids sexually. They also suffer from mental illnesses such as chronic depression and bipolar disorder.

When you see a girl or a boy sitting on a pedophilic female teacher’s lap and the woman gets all intimate with the kid subtly and stealthily, it’s considered OK and normal. She’s just being a woman, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as she’s not a pedophile.

Maybe it’s not always OK. Maybe we have overlooked it and are still overlooking a punishable crime in plain sight.

I’m specifically talking about molestation of all kinds for cheap thrills. I’m not talking about extreme pedophilic acts, which would invariably punish both men and women if convicted.

Are children being subjected to indecent fondling, touching, and groping by pedophilic females? This could be happening everywhere, although I’d like to contextualize primary schools as an example.

Babysitters, nannies, teachers at different places, and all other situations where a kid or a group of kids are left unsupervised by parents could turn into hunting grounds for the wolves. The thought that it’s only a woman or a teenager and how she could possibly be a pedophile should be reconsidered diligently and fearfully.

Are we ignoring something really serious here?

This topic of female pedophiles hiding in plain sight among us and mistreating and molesting kids who cannot understand what’s going on pains me to no extent.

Moms usually educate their girl kids to stay away from male strangers and men in general. They also advise their kids to tell them if any man behaves inappropriately and educate them about all the places on their bodies that are “no-touch zones.” Touching a kid with evil pedophilic intentions is the same whether it comes from a man or a woman. So, mothers should also include female pedophilic culprits in their list of advice to their young daughters and sons.

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The Soulful Scribbler

Top writer, reader, scientist, teacher, into self-improvement, spiritual, over-thinker, and peace lover.

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